Zinc can increase testosterone in men

There is a close relationship between mineral zinc and the male hormone testosterone. This hormone is responsible for bodybuilding and other male characteristics. Above all it has the function of maintaining the proper functioning of the male genitalia as well as the libido. That is because zinc is so necessary in the diet, especially for men. There are many ways to incorporate this mineral with good nutrition.zinc benefits

How much zinc should I take per day to increase testosterone?

The recommended daily amount of zinc is only 10 mg. The point is that most foods provide very small amounts of this mineral. So it is not so easy to get the minimum amounts needed. And when you want to get an increase in testosterone you need 15 mg per day. Something that is extremely difficult to get with food.

People who want to increase their testosterone levels are men who want to gain more muscle mass or want to improve their sexual performance. While this hormone is present in both men and women, only men need to increase their levels. In fact women who produce a lot of testosterone usually have unfavorable effects like the growth of the beautiful in the body. Both young men and adults can incorporate into their diet foods that stimulate the formation of testosterone. There are also natural supplements that are very effective.

Foods that contain zinc

Spinach may not be the food with the most amount of zinc, but it has its own bearing in mind that it is a vegetable source. It is just one of the many vitamins and minerals by which spinach is known. One more reason to eat whit more often. Eating a spinach salad is an easy way to start getting more zinc. One serving of 100 grams provides 0.53 mg of zinc.

Beef is a great food to raise your zinc levels. A serving of 100 grams gives you 4.18 milligrams of zinc and only 254 calories. This is because it is ideal for men who want to gain muscle mass. Shrimp serves as a good food with large amounts of zinc. It also provides other benefits such as being a high quality, low calorie protein. It is also a surprising source of antioxidants. This antioxidant helps fight inflammation in the body, which can provide relief to anyone suffering from an inflammatory condition. In one serving of 100 grams of shrimp there are 1.34 mg of zinc and 85 calories. You can find more about Testoultra supplement here: www.ijoobi.com/testoultra/

Another plant food that provides a lot of zinc is beans. Beans are also useful in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels, providing energy and maintaining the feeling of satiety for long periods without a subsequent accident. They can be eaten as a dish by themselves or added to any dish to increase fiber intake and add extra protein. The 100-gram serving provides the body with 2.79 mg of zinc and 127 calories.

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