Couple Therapy: An Alternative to Rebuilding a Relationship

When a couple has problems in their relationship and fails to solve them but are constant in time, it becomes necessary the Couple Therapy.

What is Couple Therapy?

Couple Therapy is a tool used by countless couples, which consists of trying to resolve the conflicts that arise within a relationship. It is well known that the coexistence process is quite complicated, in which not only deterioration, but both external and personal changes that often lead to conflicts within couples.couple therapy benefits

Usually this deterioration is slow and for this reason couples take time to seek outside help, as they try to resolve these conflicts themselves. In many cases they manage to solve them, but in others they do not, and over time the levels of discomfort and dissatisfaction grow; it is precisely at that moment in which they pose the possibility of seeking help through the Couple Therapy

For put end to a marriage or relationship you only need one person, however, for work you need both. It is for this reason that early understanding of the signs that marriage is not right is the first advantage to be able to get ahead.

Couple Therapy or Couple Psychotherapy consists of a psychological treatment that is offered to the two members who are in a relationship, being able to be engaged, separated, and            / or divorced. This treatment is done by a professional therapist or psychotherapist, who must be empowered by the Official Institutions of your country.

In Couples Therapy, the Professional that helps couples should focus on improving existing communication in the relationship. In this way, emotions and impulses are controlled to be able to solve and deal with problems and conflicts that arise in a more efficient way.

When is it necessary to attend Couples Therapy?

There are many factors that are signs of a decline in the relationship, when the daily live together are negative factors such as negative perception of your partner, mistrust, repression, infidelity, opposing interests, indifference, few communication, frustration, opposing interests, These negative factors can lead to a relationship to be dysfunctional, fostering feelings like anger-resentment and love at the same time.

It is at this moment when you should go to Couple Therapy to be able to resume the relationship and try to channel it.

Does Couple Therapy Solve Relationship Problems?

Definitely yes, that’s only if both members want to participate in the process and change of attitudes and beliefs to improve the relationship. For achieve this, it is necessary to review the individual unconscious content of each member, in addition to defining whether they influence negatively or positively in the relationship.

However, it should be taken into account that in some couples it is no longer possible to reach agreement on the fundamental and that have personal goals that irremediably distance them, also in these cases a good therapist is necessary, which helps them to understand that the best solution is to respectfully end the relationship

How does Couple Therapy work?

Individual and joint sessions should be held in Couples Therapy, since many of the conflicts in relationships are a product of what each one has failed to solve in his personal life.

It is also necessary that the therapist who assists the couples in the joint sessions, starting from the approach that both partners have the same degree of responsibility in the problems and conflicts that have deteriorated the relationship.

It is very important that the therapist who attends in the Couples Therapy is not inclined to give reason to either of the two members of the relationship, his priority is to guide them to balance all their positive or negative contributions and urge them to build sound agreements and clear that allow both to feel satisfied in the relationship. And you, if you present inconveniences in your relationship would you feel willing to attend therapy to solve them.

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