What are the health benefits from using Sweet Tooth Strain?

Sweet tooth strain is named so, due to the fact that the pressure is so well known for producing generous amounts of sweet crystals. This strain is a hybrid or Sativa and Indica which turned out to have high THC levels. It is extremely strong green strain which have been used around the world for centuries.sweet tooth strain

What is Sweet tooth strain

Sweet tooth is an Indica dominant hybrid strain which as its name says, has a very sweet taste. Many people attribute its scrumptious yet subtle berry and flowery tastes to the sweet crystals frosting the buds. The buds of the sweet tooth strain are covered in trichromes and even the scent of this sweet tooth is enjoyable and flowery.

When the strain is certainly Indica dominant, the dash of sativa helps keep the user lucid, while it is used in small amounts. It is suggested to use Sweet tooth strain during the night time or on a lazy day with nothing prepared, as it produces a powerful body stone.

Cravings for sweets can be used for variety of medical ailments. The strain can show its really beneficial sides in ways of treating chronic or debilitating pain, arthritis, back, neck or joint pain and so on. It is for this particular reason why s good for treating sleeping disorders, making the user fall into relaxing sleep. If you have been used to Cannabidiol, then you should give this a try.

How does sweet tooth strain looks like

Sweet tooth strain has a light to medium greenish hue, covered in appealing orange hairs and the aforementioned sugary crystal icing. Later in life, as the plant ripens, it can likewise yield dark purple tinges amongst the leaves of the buds. Sweet tooth strain buds are rather dense.

It can be grown both inside and outdoors, and it is known for having quick blooming time at around 40 to 55 days. Height typically must cover approximately 6 to 8 feet outdoors, or 3 to 4 feet indoors. Sweet tooth strain is likewise typically referred as survivors, fearlessly facing the attack of insects.

Benefits of sweet tooth strain

You now know how this plant looks like, but you probably did not know the benefits you can obtain from using it. Sweet tooth strain as a medication has incredible effects in treating discomfort, headaches, insomnia, stress and anxiety, nausea etc.

For those who think of growing Sweet tooth strain on their own, this is a great strain to select, and for those with patience problems – this strain typically grows from 8 to 10 weeks, though it has actually been understood to flower as quickly as 7-8 weeks. You will discover that these plants follow the Indica look, not growing rather high. However it is very bushy with small and dense buds, as discussed previously with the whole plant covered in sugary crystals for which it is named.


Sweet tooth strain is exceptional medication and if you can get it consistently or grow it, you can enjoy the quality benefits this plant offers. Those who suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, body pain, discomfort or gastrointestinal signs can take this strain and feel relief.

In case you think this is not your best choice, and you want to find out more options, you can always try Pure CBD which comes in various forms. If you enjoy Cannabidiol products you should definitely give it a try!

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