6 Infallible memory exercises

Among the daily activities that help you improve memory highlights reading, hobbies and crossword puzzles. Currently there is a natural medicine that can help you achieve a level of concentration quite accurate and we are talking about Brain Plus IQ, a natural drug that by its high content of excipients manages to improve cognitive functions, is safe for daily use and feeds Energy of the brain. Next, we show you 6 memory exercises that with the help of this powerful drug will help you to have a greater power of concentration.exercises memory and concentration


Reading is a powerful weapon and one of the memory exercises. The reading habit gives us insight and also helps us to stimulate certain areas of the brain to stay active. It is recommended to read at least half an hour a day or an hour if possible.

Remember Things

Of course to strengthen the brain and the ability to remember things, you can memorize the list of products you need to buy in the supermarket, a phone number, the identification of a close family member and something that works very well is remembering what happened in some Book that you read some time ago.

See Photos

Another exercise very useful and that can help you to exercise the power of memory is to see photographs either current or old. While older are the photos, they are better because you try to remember what happened at the moment and also the people who appear in the photographs.


For strengthen or improve our memory can also be played. There are currently games on smart devices that stimulate brain activity. For example: games of questions and answers, soups of letters, crosswords that are also very helpful.

Learn New Things on memory exercises

It is scientifically proven that learning new things helps the brain further strengthen the connections that exist within it. In this case it is recommended to study a new language, to carry out any type of course, to play an instrument. The purpose of this is that the brain is to keep our brain active.


Traveling is another activity that keeps the brain fully active, exercising it to maintain good memory. It is not necessary to go a distance away. However visit new places, eat foods that you have never tasted, and see cultures in which we feel identified. It is a way that our memory tries to put itself to the test trying to remember that information that we read before embarking on so long awaited destiny.

Remember that to stimulate the exercises we have indicated, it is recommended to consume the product Brain Plus IQ, for obtain greater results and get the most out of your brain. Do not forget that taking supplements helps you take advantage of your brain, and when you combine them with memory exercises, your performance increases.

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